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One solution for high current applications consists of paralleling power stages of lower power. This paper analyzes and justifies the selection of the PWM algorithm used within interleaved three-phase power inverters with respect to the resulting phase current harmonics, DC link current harmonics, neutral point voltage and inter-converter circulation(More)
UNLABELLED The behavior of the cervical squamous intraepithelial lesions cannot be predicted, many of them, particularly of the low grade type, may disappear without treatment. Invasive cervical carcinoma occurs in approximately 10% of the intraepithelial precursor lesions, being strongly associated with HPV infection. The aim of this study was to make a(More)
  • D Neacşu
  • Conference Record of the 2004 IEEE Industry…
  • 2004
This work presents the analysis and design of a new direct power converter topology for AC/AC conversion with reduced passive components and extended output voltage range. It follows up the principle of a four-quadrants cycloconverter, but IGBTs are used at building the power stage. Operation of this converter, details of implementation and comparison with(More)
This paper discusses the carrier PWM algorithms suitable for the direct AC-AC matrix converter composed of three three-phase voltage source converter modules. The relationship between the conjugated and nonconjugated terms from the dyadic matrix control theory and the harmonic performance of input current and output voltage are outlined through extended(More)
Quantitative estimations and statistical correlations revealed that the villosities of the central area of the placenta are permanently active during the foeto-maternal exchanges. At the margin, villosities evinced towards the end of gestation a "senescence" process with a diminished or abolished rate of exchanges. In practice, the knowledge of the placenta(More)
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