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In group-oriented applications like conferencing, chat groups and interactive gaming myriad messages are sent from one or more sources to multiple users. Multicasting is the optimum technique for such group oriented applications with effective network resource utilization. But maintaining security is a critical issue in group oriented protocols with(More)
The services of internet place a key role in the daily life by enabling the in sequence from anywhere. To provide somewhere to stay the communication and management in applications the web services has stimulated to multitier design. In this multitier the web servers contain front end logic and data with database servers. In this paper, we present binary(More)
A prospective serological investigation was conducted to determine the prevalence and distribution of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), as well as to monitor the effectiveness of the FMD control programme (FMD-CP) through vaccination in Karnataka, India. Random serum samples were collected every year between May and August before the start of vaccination in(More)
In the present day scenario of industrial competition, supply chain management seeks to synchronize a firm's processes and those of its suppliers to match the flow of materials, services and information with customer demand. It involves the coordination of key processes in the firm such as order placement, order fulfillment and purchasing which are(More)
In recent years, mobile cloud computing (MCC) is treated as one of the important enablers of Internet of Things. MCC has evolved from a mix of mobile computing and cloud computing. Most of the researcher works on MCC focus on the reduction of cost of applications in mobile devices by leveraging cloud technology. The limitations of mobile environment such as(More)
In geographic routing, nodes to theirinstantaneous neighbors call for to maintain up-to-date positions for making successfulforwarding decisions. The geographic location coordinates of the nodes by the periodic broadcasting of beacon packetsis atrendy method used by the majority geographic routing protocols to preserve neighbor positions. We contend and(More)
We address cooperative caching in wireless networks, where the nodes may be mobile and exchange information in a peer-to-peer fashion. We consider both cases of nodes with largeand small-sized caches. For large-sized caches, we devise a strategy where nodes, independent of each other, decide whether to cache some content and for how long. In the case of(More)
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