D. Nagaiah

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Biohydrogen production using agro-industrial by-products has considerable practical importance. Sweet sorghum is an ideal feedstock for biofuel production in the semi-arid and arid climatic regions. In the present investigation, the juice of SSV 74, a sweet sorghum variety, was examined as a novel substrate for biohydrogen production. The impact of medium(More)
In the present study, hydrolysate generated during pretreatment of high-biomass sorghum as a carbon source for biohydrogen production was investigated. The high-biomass sorghum bagasse (HBS) was pretreated using acid (H2SO4) and alkali (NaOH) at various concentrations (0.5–5 % w/v) for the residence time of 30 min at 121 °C, 15 lbs pressure at 10 % (w/v)(More)
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