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The Alzheimer's Disease Assesment Scale (ADAS) was specifically proposed for the clinical assessment of patients suffering from dementia and is used in different countries. The Italian version of ADAS is presented in this paper together with the description of criteria used in transforming the American edition in the Italian edition. Psychometric and(More)
The study of the relationship between hypertension and cognitive decline is characterized by various difficulties of realization and, as a consequence, by incongruent results. One of the reasons for these difficulties may be explained by the occasional method of measurement of blood pressure (once a day). This study presents the results obtained in 27(More)
The relationship between chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cognitive functioning was analyzed in a study with 50 aging patients. A complex pattern of interactions was identified between emotional and cognitive functioning and chronic respiratory disease when the effects of age, sex, type and severity of disease were controlled. These patients(More)
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