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In many transitional metal oxides, the electron configuration on the metal ions has orbital degeneracy in addition to spin degeneracy. In these systems, the sign and magnitude of the spin-spin couplings depend on the orbital occupancy. This may result in interesting magnetic properties of the Mott insulating phase, and is believed to be relevant to unusual(More)
Partial Discharge (PD) detection has been used in assessment of condition reliability of electrical insulation in high voltage equipment such as power station. Unfortunately, PD signals took during condition monitoring are often corrupted with excessive interference. The challenge to effectively and accurately determine and extract the pure PD signal from(More)
We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of bismuth-containing quadruple therapy plus postural change after dosing for Helicobacter pylori eradication in gastrectomized patients. We compared 76 gastric stump patients with H. pylori infection (GS group) with 50 non-gastrectomized H. pylori-positive patients who met the treatment indication(More)
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