D N Sadler

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The functionality and microbial storage life of pre-rigor beef mince stored at -1.5 °C under vacuum or a saturated carbon dioxide atmosphere, or at -18 °C in polyethylene bags, was investigated. Salt (2% w w ) or salt plus the cryoprotectant Polydextrose(®) (2%/2.6% w w ) was added pre-rigor to some samples. Chilled storage decreased salt soluble protein(More)
Pre-rigor beef mince with 2% added salt was stored under CO(2) at -1.5 °C (A). The same mince with 100 ppm sodium nitrite was stored under CO(2) at 5 °C (B) and -1.5 °C (C), and under vacuum at -1.5 °C (D). Microbiological and sensory analyses were carried out for up to 21 weeks. Indicative storage life was taken as the time for microbial numbers to reach(More)
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