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  • D N Rich
  • Current treatment options in cardiovascular…
  • 1988
Primary pulmonary hypertension has become a very treatable disease given the recent advances in medical therapy. Any patient with unexplained right ventricular enlargement or pulmonary hypertension needs a thorough workup to determine the cause. Patients with primary pulmonary hypertension should be referred to a specialized "Center of Excellence" to(More)
Scent marking on top of (overmarking), or in the vicinity of, a scent mark already present is commonly termed countermarking. Scent marks and countermarks provide a continuous record of competitive challenges between conspecifics, thus providing a reliable advertisement of an individual's ability to dominate or defend an area to other competitors and(More)
The quality of an individual's odour can allow potential mates to discriminate against individuals of low social class, poor health status or unsuitable genotype. Competitive scent marking provides a further mechanism which could allow mates to discriminate between individuals of apparently high quality. The presence or absence of fresh countermarks from(More)
The potential rates and control of aerobic root-associated carbon monoxide (CO) consumption were assessed by using excised plant roots from five common freshwater macrophytes. Kinetic analyses indicated that the maximum potential uptake velocities for CO consumption ranged from 0.4 to 2.7 &mgr;mol of CO g (dry weight)-1 h-1 for the five species. The(More)
We extend the literature on intertemporal choice by investigating how possession of knowledge related to the present value of future outcomes (PV knowledge) affects the extent to which individuals weight certain attributes when evaluating outcome sequences. While PV-knowledgeable individuals can ascribe value to attributes according to their PV relevance(More)
  • D N Rich
  • Seminars in radiation oncology
  • 1997
The use of external irradiation and 5-fluorouracil continues because of the proven benefits of this combination in the treatment of a variety of human malignancies. There are probably several mechanisms of action on the cellular level that account for radiation sensitization. One main feature of both laboratory and applied clinical research in this area is(More)