D. N. Ramos-Hernandez

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Rapid advances have been made in Commercial Off-The-Shelf Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), PC-based boards and embedded intelligence in localised smart controllers, smart sensors and smart actuators. Great opportunities exist to produce high performance, dependable distributed systems, however, the key element that is missing is software tool support(More)
Recent advances in microelectronics coupled with ever decreasing costs mean that it is now possible to produce very compact and cheap intelligent modules. For instance, it is now quite common for cars to use a number of intelligent units with intercommunication to implement complex functions such as traction control. There has also been a move towards(More)
The novelty of this paper is mainly the integration of multi-disciplinary software tools into a control software design environment, namely the Integrated Design Notation (IDN). The IDN supports the design, development and implementation of decentralised distributed control systems. This new environment is based on the UML meta-model standard. The(More)
Developing distributed control systems requires tools that can deal with high complexity, integrating design information from multiple domains and allowing analysis of the overall design in terms of technical and commercial performance. Currently, no integrated multidisciplinary design tools exist which can do this. Thus, the ability to simulate and assess(More)
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