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A 4-year prospective study was undertaken of the families of 137 newly referred English speaking psychiatric patients with children at home aged under 15 years. The group comprised a representative sample of such patients living in one inner London borough. Teacher questionnaires were obtained yearly for all children of school age in the families, and for(More)
It was found that emotional disorders, conduct disorders and specific reading retardation were all twice as common in ten-year-old children attending schools in an inner London borough as in children of the same age on the Isle of Wight. The correlates of these disorders in the two areas were investigated in order to explore possible reasons for these(More)
A prospective follow-up study was undertaken of two groups of women first studied in the mid 1960s when they were children: 94 girls reared in institutions to which they had been admitted because of a breakdown in parenting, and 51 girls in a general population comparison group. Both groups were interviewed in detail when aged 21-27 years and home(More)
The effect of conduct disorder on adult social functioning in the areas of work, sexual/love relationships, social relationships and criminality was studied in a sample of young adults who spent much of their childhoods in group-cottage children's homes and an inner-city comparison group. Most subjects with conduct disorder had pervasive (but not(More)
The biases resulting from missing information were examined in three psychiatric epidemiological studies. In each study, cases with missing information could be compared with the main sample because data were available from several sources or at several points in time through a longitudinal study. In almost all instances, cases with missing data differed(More)
This interview-based study compares the opposite-sex relationships of 50 girls, aged 15-16, identified as being at risk for difficulties in early adult partnerships, with 50 girls of the same age from an inner-city school. The high-risk girls had begun solo-dating earlier than the school girls, were more likely to have had a sexual relationship, to have had(More)
BACKGROUND An exploratory study was undertaken of the importance of personality disorder in predicting the long-term outcome for both episodic disorders and social functioning. METHOD In 1966-67, a representative series of patients with children, free of episodic illness for at least one year, was sampled from the Camberwell Psychiatric Register and(More)
This interview-based study compares the friendships of 50 girls, aged 15-16, identified on the basis of their childhood experiences as being at-risk for difficulties in early adult partnerships, with the friendships of 50 girls of the same age from an inner-city school. Key differences in the features of both romantic and non-romantic adolescent friendships(More)
An interview assessment of marriage relationships is described. It is shown to have good inter-rater reliability, high consistency across the accounts of both marriage partners and to be resistant to methodologic bias. A four-year follow-up study demonstrated high predictive validity to later marriage breakdown. The marriage measure also showed a strong(More)
A repeated pattern of difficulties in parenting is often found in successive generations of the same families. That finding, together with a concern to identify potential adverse influences upon child behaviour and development, was the focus of this study into the parenting provided by women who were raised within institutions. Relationships with their 2-(More)