D. N. Prabhakar Murthy

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Preventive maintenance actions over the warranty period have an impact on the warranty servicing cost to the manufacturer and the cost to the buyer of fixing failures over the life of the product after the warranty expires. However, preventive maintenance costs money and is worthwhile only when these costs exceed the reduction in other costs. The paper(More)
The progress of PD and its related disorders cannot be prevented with the medications available. In this study, we recruited 8 PD and 4 PD plus patients between 5 to 15 years after diagnosis. All patients received BM-MSCs bilaterally into the SVZ and were followed up for 12 months. PD patients after therapy reported a mean improvement of 17.92% during "on"(More)
A new lifetime distribution capable of modeling a bathtub-shaped hazard-rate function is proposed. The proposed model is derived as a limiting case of the Beta Integrated Model and has both the Weibull distribution and Type I extreme value distribution as special cases. The model can be considered as another useful 3-parameter generalization of the Weibull(More)