D. N. Kinsht

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In vitro experiments demonstrated increased colony-forming capacity of erythroid, granulomonocytic, and mesenchymal progenitors of the bone marrow and parenchymal progenitor elements of the liver after treatment with immobilized hyaluronidase. Increased sensitivity of these progenitor cells to erythropoietin, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor,(More)
Granulocytic CSF pegylated using electron-beam synthesis nanotechnology exhibits pronounced granulomonocytopoiesis-stimulating and SC-mobilizing activity. More potent stimulation of committed precursors against the background of less pronounced activation of polypotent hemopoietic cells is a peculiarity of hemostimulating action of pegylated using(More)
Productivity of spermatogenesis and the population of spermatogonial cells were substantially reduced in male Wistar rats 3 months after administration of cytostatic drug paclitaxel, damaging stem spermatogonia. However, signs of reparative regeneration appeared in the testicular tissue. In animals receiving paclitaxel in combination with granulocyte CSF,(More)
Pharmacological characteristics of somatotropin pegylated using electron-beam synthesis nanotechnology (PEG-STH) were studied. Oral PEG-STH stimulated the intensity of protein and lipid metabolism and endochondral bone growth without modifying the processes of periosteal and endosteal bone formation. Specific activity of this substance administered orally(More)
Hyaluronidase immobilized on polyethylenoxide obtained by electron bean synthesis was administered intranasally and intravenously to C57Bl/6 mice after intratracheal bleomycin and the enzyme effects on the development of pneumofibrosis in animals were studied. Intranasal immobilized hyaluronidase prevented connective tissue growth in the lungs exposed to(More)
Using the model of lung fibrosis induced by intratracheal administration of bleomycin we studied anti-fibrotic activity of combined treatment with neuroleptic haloperidol and hyaluronidase immobilized on polyethylene oxide using electron-beam synthesis. It was shown that successive administration of immobilized hyaluronidase and the neuroleptic drug(More)
We studied the antithrombotic and thrombolytic effects of Trombovazim, a highlypurified proteolytic enzyme preparation obtained by immobilization of bacterial proteinases (Bacillus) on polyethylene oxide with a molecular weight of 1.5 kDa. Blood absorption of the preparation was evaluated after intragastric administration. In vitro experiments showed that(More)
The effect of immobilized hyaluronidase on stem and progenitor cells of the lungs was studied on the model of partially reversible toxic bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in C57Bl/6 mice. During the inflammation phase, immobilized hyaluronidase reduced infiltration of alveolar interstitium with hemopoietic stem cells Sca-1+, c-Kit+, CD34–, (CD3, CD45R(More)
The possibility of boosting antifibrotic activity of testicular hyaluronidase immobilized on polyethylene oxide with spiperone was studied on the bleomycin models of a single (partially reversible pneumofibrosis) and repeated (irreversible pneumofi brosis) injuries to the alveolar epithelium in C57Bl/6 mice. The antifibrotic effect was more pronounced after(More)