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Peptic bivalent and monovalent Fab' fragments as well as F(ab')2 fragment from a purified rabbit anti-DNP antibody were equally effective in enhancement of the immune response to SRBC. In contrast, the papain Fab fragment of normal IgG possessed a considerably lower enhancing activity. These data indicate that the effector site(s) controlling the adjuvant(More)
The serum of partially hepatectomized rabbit taken 4 h after operation possessed the proerty of enhancing the immune response to sheep red blood cells (SRBC) in homologous recipients. An exhaustive absorption of the serum with SRBC stromata did not affect its adjuvant-like activity indicating that an active factor augmented the immune response(More)
A comparative study of the adjuvant action of monovalent and bivalent Fab fragments obtained with the aid of pepsin and of the pepsin Fab fragments of normal rabbit IgG showed that their property of intensifying the immune response of rabbits to sheep's red cells is due to the structure of the C-terminal regions of the Fd fragment of the heavy chain. Pepsin(More)
  • D. N. Evnin
  • Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  • 2004
The investigation of var ious aspects of regenerat ion of the l iver af ter partial hepatectomy has a d i rect bearing on problems in general and applied immunology. A par t icular ly important aspect is the study of immunological changes in the body after hepatectomy, because immunological mechanisms are evidently responsible for regulation of regenerat(More)
The mechanism of potentiation of the immune response to sheep 's red cells in rabbits produced by homologous serum from part ial ly hepatectomized donors was studied. The active factor does not possess antibody specifici ty and its action can be completely suppressed by the polyvalent proteinase inhibitor Trasylol . The potentiating action of the proteinase(More)
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