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Biopsy material from 46 cases clinically diagnosed as Mycobacterium ulcerans infection was studied. The disease was found to be most frequent in East Sepik Province, and in the first decade of life. In these 46 cases the histological features were characteristic and acid-fast bacilli were seen in tissue sections.
OBJECTIVE To report a case of a newborn female infant noted to have features of the megacystis-microcolon-intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome (MMIHS) with the additional features of hydrometrocolpos and segmental colonic dilatation and review the literature. METHODOLOGY The details of the case were collated and compared with the previous published(More)
In this study 302 biopsy-confirmed benign breast lesions in Papua New Guinean (Melanesian) women during a ten-year period were reviewed. Inflammatory breast disease was the most frequent type. Chronic mastitis, chronic suppurative mastitis and abscesses formed 32% of benign breast lesions and 71% of the group of mastitides. 10 cases of tuberculous mastitis(More)