D. Morris

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In this paper, the EuQoS Consortium offers its first architecture release in order to provide an initial view on how end to end QoS is provided over multiple and heterogeneous networks. The EuQoS end to end Architecture has two views; a network deployment view across a number of autonomous systems (AS) domains and a software view within an AS. It was funded(More)
Two colorectal (HT29, LoVo) and one gastric (MKN45) human tumour cell lines were examined for their in vitro trophic response to human gastrin-17. MKN45 and HT29 responded by increased 75Se selenomethionine uptake to exogenous gastrin (139 +/- 5.5% and 123 +/- 3% of control values respectively) whereas LoVo showed no significant response to this hormone.(More)
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