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We propose an original technique for separating the spectrum of the noisy component from that of the sinusoidal, quasi-deterministic one, for the sinusoids + transients + noise modeling of musical sounds. It also enables estimation of the time-domain noise envelope and detection of transients with standard techniques. The algorithm for spectrum separation(More)
The use of Pt(IV) complexes as pro-drugs that are activated by intracellular reduction is a widely investigated approach to overcome the limitations of Pt(II) anticancer agents. A series of ten mono- and bis-carboxylated Pt(IV) complexes with axial indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and indole-3-propionic acid (IPA) ligands were synthesized and characterized by(More)
Following the discovery of its potent antitumoral activity in 1965, the inorganic drug cisplatin has become one of the most important anticancer agents used in the clinic [1]. After this, others Pt(II) based complexes are used as anticancer agents (i.e. carboplatin, oxaliplatin) [2]. In this abstract we present a fluorescent turn-on probe rationally(More)
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