D. Mohan Reddy

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Two new nucleosides have been identified in unfractionated transfer RNA of two thermophilic bacteria, Thermodesulfobacterium commune, and Thermotoga maritima, six hyperthermophilic archaea, including Pyrobaculum islandicum, Pyrococcus furiosus and Thermococcus sp. and two mesophilic archaea, Methanococcus vannielii and Methanolobus tindarius. Structures(More)
Recent studies have shown that homozygous knockout of gene for calcitonin gene-related peptide (CALCA) receptor component, calcitonin receptor-like receptor (CALCRL), led to extreme hydrops fetalis and embryonic death, underlining the critical role of CALCA in embryonic development and fetal growth. The present study was designed to determine the cellular(More)
In this paper presents a fast new PI controlled DSTATCOM used to compensate for harmonic distortion in three-phase system. The DSTATCOM employs a simple Method for the calculation of the reference compensation current based. The presented DSTATCOM is able to operate in balanced, unbalanced and Variable load conditions. Classic filters may not have(More)
Collection, conservation, characterization, maintenance and utilization of plant genetic resources are essential components of crop improvement programs. Sugarcane Germplasm Database was developed for 45 descriptors on 131 germplasm accessions using MySQL 5.6 server, Dreamweaver web design tool, JAVA programming language and Apache Tomcat server to(More)
In an attempt to study the association of different quantitative traits in improving grain yield in maize hybrids, correlation and path studies were conducted between yield and yield contributing characters. Association studies revealed that, ten out of fifteen characters exhibited highly significant positive correlation with yield per plant. However, the(More)
Correlation coefficient and path analysis studies was conducted with eight parents and their 28 F1 crosses for twelve component characters including seed yield and revealed significant positive association of pods per plant, harvest index and clusters per plant with seed yield in parental generation whereas in F1 generation, significant positive association(More)
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