D. Milosevic

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This paper presents novel, explicit design equations for class-E power amplifiers with finite DC-feed inductance. A mathematically exact analysis of the idealized class-E power amplifier with small DC-feed inductance shows that the circuit element values are transcendent functions of the input parameters. Therefore, the designer needs to perform a long(More)
This paper presents a 1.8GHz RF amplifier implemented in 140nm CMOS with frequency-independent blocker suppression. The functionality is obtained by adaptation of a nonlinear current transfer according to the blocker amplitude. In the presence of a 0-11dBm RF blocker a voltage gain of 7.6 to 9.4dB and IIP<sub>3</sub> &gt;;4dBm are measured, while the(More)
In this paper, we present an ultra low-power Wake-up Receiver front-end operating in the 868/915MHz ISM band. It targets short distance body area networks. Its power consumption is only 126uW, including a low-power on-chip ring oscillator. Since the receiver targets small transmission distances, up to 10m, sensitivity is traded against power consumption.(More)
Gentiana dinarica Beck, rare and endangered species of Balkan Dinaric alps, was in vitro propagated (micropropagated) from axillary buds of plants collected at Mt. Tara, Serbia. G. dinarica preferred MS to WPM medium, with optimal shoot multiplication on MS medium with 3% sucrose, 1.0 mg l−1 BA and 0.1 mg l−1 NAA. Rooting was not clearly separated from(More)
In this paper, a method is proposed to improve the initial poles and convergence of the vector fitting method. The procedure takes advantage of the robustness of the rational interpolation method in extracting stable poles over partitioned bandwidth and the numerical stability and fast convergence of the vector fitting method in generating accurate(More)
In this paper the requirements and resulting costs for the digital hardware are discussed to steer a nonlinear interference suppression circuit (NIS). This NIS circuit suppresses a strong unwanted RF blocker by exploiting a nonlinear transfer function in a radio receiver. Nonlinear transfer functions enable frequency-independent amplitude discrimination(More)
This letter presents an antenna configuration to achieve a coupling reduction between colocated antennas. Application of an adaptive spatial notch enables this functionality. Analytical results are obtained, which show good resemblance to simulated and measured results, performed on a prototype manufactured to operate around 2.5 GHz. Coupling reduction of(More)
The phase noise of a phase-locked loop (PLL) has a great impact on the performance of frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar. To examine the effects of the phase noise on FMCW radar performance, a model of an FMCW radar with a noisy PLL is developed. A filter-based technique for modeling the PLL phase noise is described. The radar model shows that(More)