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Studies in the Virgin Islands, Labrador, and Alabama, suggest that colds are incited by some specific agent with which we are not yet familiar. They suggest also that the secondary and more severe symptoms associated with colds may be due to certain aerobic flora commonly found in the nasopharynx. Types of pneumococci which are virulent (to white mice) and(More)
The Sensory Environments Evaluation (SEE) Project seeks to formulate a new design methodology for virtual environments that utilize multiple sensory inputs to induce presence. Deviating from virtual reality's twenty-year focus on photo-realism, our "feels-real" design alternative aims directly at understanding the interdependencies of sensory stimuli in(More)
This paper describes a project currently in progress at the University of Southern California’'s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT). Much of the research at ICT involves developing better graphics, sound and artificial intelligence to be used in creating the next generation of training tools for the United States Army. Our project focuses on the use(More)
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