D. Michael Seeman

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Between 1984 and 1996, public health authorities in Israel maintained a secret policy of discarding blood donations made by Ethiopian-Israeli citizens and immigrants. Officials later attempted to justify this policy on the grounds that immigrants from Ethiopia were subject to high rates of infectious disease (especially HIV). In 1996, this led to an(More)
Natural induction and conceptual clustering are two methodologies pioneered by the GMU Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory for discovering conceptual relationships in data, and presenting them in the forms easy for people to interpret and understand. The first methodology is for supervised learning (learning from examples) and the second for(More)
ACCLAIM&#8212;<underline>A</underline>utomated <underline>C</underline>ircuit <underline>C</underline>ard <underline>L</underline>ayout <underline>a</underline>nd <underline>Im</underline>plementation&#8212;is a family of computer programs, written in FORTRAN IV, which reduces Boolean equations to logical elements, translates the logical elements to(More)
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