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This report describes the impulsive dynamics of a system of two coupled oscillators with essential (nonlinearizable) stiffness nonlinearity. The system considered consists of a grounded weakly damped linear oscillator coupled to a lightweight weakly damped oscillating attachment with essential cubic stiffness nonlinearity arising purely from geometry and(More)
We study the impulsive responses of a grounded linear oscillator coupled to a light nonlinear attachment through an essentially nonlinear (nonlinearizable) stiffness. We analyze the periodic and quasi-periodic dynamics of the undamped system forced by a single impulse on the linear oscillator and being initially at rest, by considering separately low-,(More)
PURPOSE Papanicolaou (Pap) smear services are available in most urban areas in Botswana. Yet most women in such areas do not screen regularly for cancer of the cervix. The purpose of this article is to present findings on the associations of demographic variables and Health Belief Model constructs with Pap smear screening among urban women in Botswana. (More)
Theoretical and experimental suppression of aeroelastic instabilities by means of broadband passive targeted energy transfers has been recently studied. A single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) nonlinear energy sink (NES) was coupled to a 2-DOF rigid wing modeled in the low-speed, subsonic regime with quasi-steady aerodynamic theory. The nonlinear attachment was(More)
We investigate shock isolation designs based on nonlinear energy pumping caused by nonsmooth stiffness elements. In particular, we numerically study the shock isolation properties of a primary linear system of two coupled nonconservative oscillators with weakly coupled attachments possessing clearance nonlinearities. Under shock excitation the nonlinear(More)
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