D. Meyers

S. Middey6
J. Chakhalian6
M. Kareev4
J. W. Freeland4
6S. Middey
6J. Chakhalian
4M. Kareev
4J. W. Freeland
2B. A. Gray
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In low dimensional cuprates several interesting phenomena, including high Tc superconductivity, are deeply connected to electron correlations on Cu and the presence of the Zhang-Rice (ZR) singlet state. Here, we report on direct spectroscopic observation of the ZR state responsible for the low-energy physical properties in two isostructural A-site ordered(More)
In pursuit of creating cuprate-like electronic and orbital structures, artificial heterostructures based on LaNiO3 have inspired a wealth of exciting experimental and theoretical results. However, to date there is a very limited experimental understanding of the electronic and orbital states emerging from interfacial charge transfer and their connections to(More)
In complex materials observed electronic phases and transitions between them often involve coupling between many degrees of freedom whose entanglement convolutes understanding of the instigating mechanism. Metal-insulator transitions are one such problem where coupling to the structural, orbital, charge, and magnetic order parameters frequently obscures the(More)
  • B. A. Gray, S. Middey, G. Conti, A. X. Gray, C.-T. Kuo, A. M. Kaiser +9 others
  • 2016
The superconductor-to-insulator transition (SIT) induced by means such as external magnetic fields, disorder or spatial confinement is a vivid illustration of a quantum phase transition dramatically affecting the superconducting order parameter. In pursuit of a new realization of the SIT by interfacial charge transfer, we developed extremely thin(More)
We address the fundamental issue of growth of perovskite ultra-thin films under the condition of a strong polar mismatch at the heterointerface exemplified by the growth of a correlated metal LaNiO3 on the band insulator SrTiO3 along the pseudo cubic [111] direction. While in general the metallic LaNiO3 film can effectively screen this polarity mismatch, we(More)
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