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PURPOSE To derive the value of corneal epithelial barrier to fluorescein in humans from experiments in which the fluorophore in instilled in a single drop. METHOD A commercial scanning fluorophotometer, the Fluorotron Master, was used to scan through an anterior segment. It could not resolve the tear film from the cornea, but in the early stages of(More)
In the present study we investigate whether alterations of sleep propensity or of wake propensity are implicated in sleep initiation disturbances encountered in major depressive insomnia and in primary insomnia. For this purpose, the time course of electroencephalogram (EEG) power density during the period preceding sleep onset and during the first(More)
A technique of recording from single units of the isolated rat cornea is described. The corneal surface is stimulated by a jet of fluid, which allows continuously graded pressure and thermal or chemical stimuli to be applied at the same point. Some units respond to stimulation anywhere in a field of about one-third the corneal area, and others only to point(More)
This paper addresses the practical problems raised by the fact that correlation integrals computed from electroencephalographic signals do not scale. An automated procedure is described for alpha-waves, which is based on the known method of determining the correlation dimension from scaled structures that appear in diagrams of slope-curves. Automation,(More)
Fluoresceinated IgG was injected centrally into the rabbit's cornea and both its rate of loss from the tissue and its rate of spread in the stroma were estimated by objective fluorometry. A new technique for determining the rate of loss was established which required only the measurement of the maximum fluorescence in the tissue. The rate at which freshly(More)
There is significant interest in the functional significance and the therapeutic value of slow-wave sleep (SWS)-enhancing drugs. A prerequisite for studies of the functional differences is characterization of the electroencephalography (EEG) spectra following treatment in relevant patients. We evaluate for the first time gaboxadol and zolpidem treatments in(More)