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The chronic myeloid leukemia-derived cell line K562 expresses, in its uninduced state, notable erythroid features. However, in addition to the presence of well-characterized "erythroid-specific" molecules, such as hemoglobin and glycophorin A, there is increasing evidence of both granulopoietic and megakaryocytic differentiation in this cell line. In this(More)
Chromatin was reconstituted from the purified DNA and histones of chicken erythrocytes and the nonhistone proteins of either chicken reticulocytes or chicken liver. Reconstituted chromatins, native chicken reticulocyte chromatin, and free DNA were transcribed with Escherichia coli RNA polymerase and the concentrations of globin-specific sequences in the RNA(More)
The product of transcription of rat-liver chromatin with homologous rat-liver Form-B polymerase in vitro is high molecular weight RNA with sedimentation coefficients principally in the range of 18-45 S. The average size is somewhat smaller than that of the heterogeneous high molecular weight RNA synthesized by the endogenous enzyme in vivo (or in isolated(More)
Chicken reticulocyte chromatin can be reassembled from its separated constituents, viz. DNA, H1 plus H5, core histones, and non-histone proteins, to yield a product resembling the native starting material by a series of structural criteria. In particular, it possesses nucleosomes separated by spacer regions; the particles contain DNA with a unit length of(More)
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