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The structure of a single layer of graphene on Ru(0001) has been studied using surface x-ray diffraction. A surprising superstructure containing 1250 carbon atoms has been determined, whereby 25 x 25 graphene unit cells lie on 23 x 23 unit cells of Ru. Each supercell contains 2 x 2 crystallographically inequivalent subcells caused by corrugation. Strong(More)
We present a structural analysis of the graphene/Ru(0001) system obtained by surface x-ray diffraction. The data were fitted using Fourier-seriesexpanded displacement fields from an ideal bulk structure plus the application of symmetry constraints. The shape of the observed superstructure rods proves a reconstruction of the substrate, induced by strong(More)
The evolution of the atomic structure of LaAlO_{3} grown on SrTiO_{3} was investigated using surface x-ray diffraction in conjunction with model-independent, phase-retrieval algorithms between two and five monolayers film thickness. A depolarizing buckling is observed between cation and oxygen positions in response to the electric field of polar LaAlO_{3},(More)
A novel energetic smoothing mechanism in the growth of complex metal-oxide thin films is reported from in situ kinetic studies of pulsed laser deposition of on , using x-ray reflectivity. Below 50% monolayer coverage, prompt insertion of energetic impinging species into small-diameter islands causes them to break up to form daughter islands. This smoothing(More)
The complete atomic structure of a five-monolayer film of LaAlO3 on SrTiO3 has been determined for the first time by surface x-ray diffraction in conjunction with the coherent Bragg rod analysis phase-retrieval method and further structural refinement. Cationic mixing at the interface results in dilatory distortions and the formation of metallic(More)
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