D. Mailly

F. Schopfer2
E. Pallecchi2
A. Ouerghi2
F. Lafont2
2F. Schopfer
2E. Pallecchi
2A. Ouerghi
2F. Lafont
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  • E. Pallecchi, M. Ridene, D. Kazazis, F. Lafont, F. Schopfer, W. Poirier +3 others
  • 2013
Quasi-particle excitations in graphene exhibit a unique behavior concerning two key phenomena of mesoscopic physics: electron localization and the quantum Hall effect. A direct transition between these two states has been found in disordered two-dimensional electron gases at low magnetic field. It has been suggested that it is a quantum phase transition,(More)
We investigate the magneto-transport properties of epitaxial graphene single-layer on 4H-SiC(0001), grown by atmospheric pressure graphitization in Ar, followed by H2 intercalation. We directly demonstrate the importance of saturating the Si dangling bonds at the graphene/SiC(0001) interface to achieve high carrier mobility. Upon successful Si dangling(More)
It is known that the local conditions in an electrical circuit can affect a nearby, but electrically isolated circuit. Such a 'noninvasive' measurement technique can be employed to study the screening ability (compressibility) of an electron system. In this work, we use a quasi-one-dimensional ballistic channel to screen an electric field between a gate and(More)
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