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This online supplement includes data and detailed analysis results in support of the arguments in the main text. It includes six supplementary Figures, together with data and site information as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Abbreviations and other notations used in the spreadsheet and supplementary Figures and their captions are explained in the main(More)
PURPOSE To examine the relationship between change scores on the log mean Wolf Motor Function Test (lmWMFT) and the intensity of supervised Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) in participants with subacute and chronic stroke. METHODS A retrospective analysis of data from 169 EXCITE participants who received CIMT either immediately after(More)
Compound-speci®c D values recorded by means of gas chromatography±thermal conversion±isotope ratio mass spectrometry (GC±TC±IRMS) of the biomarker n-alkane (n-tricosane; n-C23) representative of the dominant Sphagnum species in a 40 cm peat pro®le from Bolton Fell Moss, Cumbria, UK, correlate with vegetation changes in the past >200 years (age depth model(More)
As our expectations of what computer systems can do and our ability to capture data improves, the desire to perform ever more computationally intensive tasks increases. Often these tasks, comprising vast numbers of repeated computations, are highly interdependent on each other — a closely coupled problem. The process of Landscape-Evolution Modelling(More)
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