D. Mackay

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Seed dispersal by ants (myrmecochory) can be influenced by changes to ant assemblages resulting from habitat disturbance as well as by differences in disperser behaviour. We investigated the effect of habitat disturbance by fire on the dispersal of seeds of a myrmecochorous shrub, Pultenaea daphnoides. We also investigated the consequence of the seed(More)
Biological invasions have significant ecological, evolutionary and economic consequences. Ants are exemplary invaders and their invasion success is frequently attributed to a shift in social structure between native and introduced populations. Here, we use a multidisciplinary approach to determine the social structure, origin and expansion of the invasive(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Olearia flocktoniae is an endangered shrub that was passively translocated from its natural ecosystem, where it has since gone extinct. This study aimed to determine sensitivities vital to populations persisting in human-created areas. METHODS Population colonization, longevity and extinction were investigated over 20 years using 133(More)
The major problems associated with LSI design include those of design complexity, documentation, mapping, design verification both functional and physical, physical implementation, and the manufacturing interface. The Design Aids group at Burroughs, Cumbernauld, have developed an integrated LSI design system, CELTIC, which solves these problems with a(More)
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