D M V Bishop

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It has been proposed that specific language impairment (SLI) is caused by an impairment of auditory processing, but it is unclear whether this problem affects temporal processing, frequency discrimination (FD), or both. Furthermore, there are few longitudinal studies in this area, making it hard to establish whether any deficit represents a developmental(More)
The amplitude and implicit time of the P-1 component of the binocular transient pattern visually evoked response (VER) was recorded at four levels of induced aniseikonia. No significant changes were found in these VER parameters over a 10-min test period. Several possible explanations for these observations are presented.
147 unselected 8-year-olds were given tests of intelligence, reading ability and orthoptic status, including the reference eye test described by Dunlop, Dunlop and Fenelon (1973). We failed to replicate their findings of a raised incidence of convergence deficiency, defective stereopsis and esophoria in children with specific reading disability.(More)
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