D. M. Tendulkar

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There exists a significant gap between production and development environments for IT applications. This gap leads to a false sense of quality during development. Even with detailed tests planned out, quality of service in production is far from acceptable. A bug found in production (due to environment differences) is substantially costlier to fix as(More)
The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models which are used in the software development process provide the control over the execution process and help to track the project progress. In this whole process, performance testing stage comes quite late and that is limited to the load testing where the system is tested against predefined number of(More)
The information systems are becoming more and more complex and it is very common these days where database sizes are in hundreds of GBs. Handling of such large data volumes is creating challenges for assuring the performance of end-user applications. Applications involving database transactions are worst hit as there is no clue about the time required to(More)
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