D. M. Silberger

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In 1979 Ehrenfeucht and Silberger published an article [9] where the relationship between the length of a word and the maximum length of its unbordered factors (segments) was for the first time investigated. Periodicity and borderedness are two basic properties of words that play a rôle in many areas of computer science such as string searching algorithms(More)
Let W= W(xx,...,Xj)bc any word in thej free generators xx,...,Xj, and suppose that W cannot be expressed in the form W = Vk for V a word and for k an integer with \k\¥" 1. We ask whether the equation f=W has a solution (xx>... ,Xj) = (a,,... ,Oj) €E GJ whenever G is an infinite symmetric group and/is an element in G. We establish an affirmative answer in(More)
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