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The use of computers in Canadian tax planning has until now been concentrated on numerical analysis. The computer is indeed an excellent tool for calculating tax effects where the legal results of transactions are known. However, I maintain that it can be equally useful as a tool for analysing transactions to determine what those legal results are. The(More)
A method and apparatus enables an investor with a portfolio of securities to manage taxable events created by trading securities in the portfolio. A database stores information regarding securities purchased by the investor. A presentation and graphical display format directly linked to the system managing the portfolio of securities enables the investor(More)
INTRODUCTION Shared use of recreational facilities is a promising strategy for increasing access to places for physical activity. Little is known about shared use in faith-based settings. This study examined shared use practices and barriers in faith communities in North Carolina. METHODS Faith communities in North Carolina (n = 234) completed an online(More)
  • D M Sherman
  • 1997
The present views are outlined on the principles of information code in the nervous system. It is shown that the frequency modulation of the rhythmical neuronal activity alone is unable to provide the processing and coding of the information necessary for cognitive activity. The fluctuation of the between-impulse intervals which has been revealed by many(More)
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