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One of the most promising plant species for biofuel production in Brazil is the physic nut Jatropha curcas. Major phytosanitary problems include the attack of two pest mite species, the broad mite Polyphagotarsonemus latus and the spider mite Tetranychus bastosi. Owing to pesticide-related problems, there is an increasing demand for sustainable(More)
Over the last years, the numerical simulation of integrated processes has become the major challenge in virtual try-out of sheet metal components, including trimming operations that may occur between forming steps. Detailed simulation of trimming processes is a challenging task, particularly when integrated with other forming operations such as deep drawing(More)
Spontaneously growing plants are commonly considered competitors of cultivated plants. Owing to the lack of specificity of many arthropods, spontaneous plants may be attacked by the same arthropods that attack cultivated plants and they may also harbor natural enemies of organisms harmful to cultivated plants. Aceodromus convolvuli Muma (Blattisociidae) has(More)
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