D M Regen

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Transport of beta-hydroxybutyrate at the blood--brain barrier was studied by the carotid-injection technique of Oldendorf. beta-hydroxybutyrate permeability declined sharply with age (80-300 g rats) and, in adult rats, increased 5-fold during one week on a high fat diet. Acetoacetate and lactate permeabilities showed age and diet dependences which were(More)
Transport of beta-hydroxybutyrate (betaHB) into rat brain was estimated from the early rise in brain/serum 14C ratio after subcutaneous injection of [14C]betaHB. Permeability of the D isomer exceeded that of the L isomer. Permeability of either isomer rose throughout suckling (sevenfold) and declined after weaning to the low, newborn values. This age(More)
  • D M Regen
  • 1996
Equations for calculating wall tensions in an ellipsoidal chamber might be useful in analyses of elongated chambers whose transverse sections are not round, and they should be useful for examining the tension distribution associated with such shapes. Considering the forces changing a prolate spheroid (semiaxes a > b = c) into a general ellipsoid (semiaxes a(More)
There are occasions in physiological research and medical practice where it is desirable to estimate the average fiberstress in a chamber wall, knowing only the pressure and dimensions. Because the contribution of a strained wall element to pressure depends on its location whereas its contribution to average stress is independent of location, an equation of(More)
The plant lectin, concanavalin A (Con-A), and the ionophore, A-23187 (specific for divalent cations), stimulated glucose transport in rat thymocytes. Con-A stimulation developed more slowly and was somewhat less extensive than that of stimulation developed more slowly and was somewhat less extensive than that of A-23187. Both responses showed saturation(More)
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