D M Puchin'ian

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The review presents current data concerning the functional role of endothelial cell adhesion molecules belonging to different structural families: integrins, selectins, cadherins, and the immunoglobulin super-family. In this manuscript the regulatory mechanisms and factors of adhesion molecules expression and distribution on the surface of endothelial cells(More)
The groups with "compensated" and "decompensated" conditions of organism are marked out according the level of sICAM-1 and neopterin. The surgery of endoprosthesis replacement results in the development of systemic inflammation response syndrome (manifestation of hemostatic and adhesional dysfunctions of endothelium depends on pre-surgery condition of(More)
The article deals with the one of the topical problem of tissue engineering--the design and implementation of biomaterials that could replace and repair bone defects. This review presents the recent studies of the potential of scaffold technology in bone tissue regeneration. This article contains information about the basic parameters and properties of(More)
In pathogenesis of the traumatic disease of the spinal cord, two mechanisms of the injuries of its neuronal apparatus are defined: primary (necrosis) and secondary (apoptosis). In the work a participation of a number of internal causes in the progression of apoptosis in injury of the spinal cord and peripheral nerve trunks, the role of those remains(More)
The activity of alanin-aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate-aminotransferase (AST) was measured in blood plasma of 103 patients with brain trauma. Sex-related differences were found. One day after the trauma ALT and AST activity rose significantly both in men and women with brain concussion, in males with mild and moderate brain contusion. In severe brain(More)
The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate changes in the functional activity of the vascular endothelium (by the levels of adhesion molecules) and in blood hemostatic function (plasma hemostasis, thromboelastography) in 70 patients with coxarthrosis before and after endoprosthetic hip joint replacement. The blood coagulation system was normal in the(More)
The influence of administration of the antioxidant complexes consisting of nonenzymatic antioxidants (alpha-tocopherol acetate preparation) and enzymatic antioxidants (ceruloplasmin) has been studied in rabbits with experimental arthritis. The introduction of alpha-tocopherol acetate (at a daily dose of 4 mg) improved metabolic processes in the organism(More)