D. M. Motiur Rahaman

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In recent years, free viewpoint video (FVV) technology is increasing popularity for rendering intermediate views from existing adjacent views to avoid the large volume of video data transmission. For generating an intermediate view on a remote display, Depth Image Based Rendering (DIBR) techniques are normally used, however, sometimes it has some missing(More)
In free viewpoint video (FVV) framework, a large number of viewpoints from limited number of views are generated to reduce the amount of transmitting, receiving and processing video data significantly. To generate a virtual view, the disparity among adjacent views or temporal correlation between different frames of the intermediate views are normally(More)
Pseudomonas cepacia is known as an opportunistic pathogen in the patients with altered host defence. We report a case of hospital-acquired fatal sepsis due to P. cepacia in a child with no known defect in immune system. Virulence of the organism was indicated by the high magnitude of septicaemia. The organism was successfully eliminated by ceftriaxone but(More)
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