D M Momirov

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In clinical and in vitro conditions, the effect of intravitreously injected silicone oil upon the electroretinogram and electrooculogram was investigated. The recorded potentials were lower in the eyes with silicone oil compared to those in which the retinas were reattached without silicone. Retinal changes, caused by the previously existing detachment and(More)
The amplitude and the light rise of the standing potential of the eye were measured in a group of 20 male and 10 female health young subjects. The basic value itself, if measured in the steady state, has a variability not far from its light rise, so it can also be applied clinically. The median base value in our group was 362 microV, with normal limits of(More)
We treated 12 eyes with advanced neovascular glaucoma with a modification of drainage implant surgery. All 12 eyes had rubeosis iridis and severe pain and nine had undergone previous glaucoma surgery. After follow-up periods of two to 24 months (mean, 11.3 months), nine of 12 eyes had intraocular pressures of less than 24 mm Hg (mean preoperative value,(More)
This study examined the effects of clozapine on sleep-wakefulness profile in cats prepared for chronic recording of sleep. Clozapine in single dose (i.p.) of 5 mg/kg drastically reduced slow-wave sleep (SWS) and paradoxical sleep (PS), while wakefulness and drowsy pattern were increased. These changes lasted approximately 24 h and were followed by sleep(More)
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