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A hospital-based case-control study of companion dogs examined the risk of developing canine malignant lymphoma associated with the use of chemicals in and about the home. Information from a self-administered owner questionnaire and/or a telephone interview of about 491 cases, 466 nontumor controls, and 479 tumor controls indicated that owners in households(More)
Geriatric health care remains a virtually untapped area in spite of changing public views and scientific knowledge on aging. The number of older dogs and cats will continue to grow into the next century. Owners of older dogs and cats are willing to invest in quality health care services. A geriatric health care program can expand veterinary services in a(More)
The femoral heads of 12 dogs with naturally occurring Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease were studied by light and electron microscopic techniques. In the early stages of the disease, the bony capital femoral epiphysis was necrotic, but the articular cartilage and growth plate cartilage were not affected. By the early stages of repair, the femoral head had(More)