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Chaotic signals have been considered potentially attractive in many signal processing applications ranging from wideband communication systems to cryptography and watermarking. Besides, some devices as nonlinear adaptive filters and phase-locked loops can present chaotic behavior. In this paper, we derive analytical expressions for the autocorrelation(More)
This study describes the synthesis of triazine-based dehydrocondensing reagents substituted by amido substituents and demonstrates their efficiency for dehydrocondensing reactions in MeOH and THF. N-Phenylbenzamido-substituted chlorotriazine is readily converted to a stable, non-hygroscopic triazinylammonium-based dehydrocondensing reagent that is superior(More)
Plastic crystallinity of lithium salt, [LiB(OCH(2)CH(2)OCH(3))(4)] (1), and its solid-state ionic conductivity are disclosed. The addition of small amounts of lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (LiTFSI) to borate 1 led to the drastic increase of the ionic conductivity and lithium transport number of the electrolyte.
We present deep near-infrared (J, H, K S) images toward an embedded cluster which lies in a C 18 O clump in the cloud C of the Vela Molecular Ridge. This cluster has at least ∼ 350 members and a radius of ∼ 0.5 pc. The stellar surface number density is approximately 3000 stars pc −2 in the central 0.1 pc × 0.1 pc region of the cluster. This is much higher(More)
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