D. M. K. N. Seneviratna

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The adults of Hemigrapsus edwardsii and Hemigrapsus crenulatus are euryhaline crabs and strong hyper-osmoregulators. Their embryos are carried externally attached to the abdominal pleopods of female crabs, where they are exposed to temporal and spatial changes in salinity associated with their intertidal and estuarine habitats. Although embryos lack the(More)
This study examined whether the existence of hyperosmotic internal fluids in embryos of euryhaline crabs (Hemigrapsus sexdentatus and H. crenulatus) in dilute seawater reflects osmotic isolation due to impermeability of the egg envelope, as proposed for other decapods, or active osmoregulation. When ovigerous crabs with eggs at gastrula stage were(More)
The data forecasting in economical time series provides a significant guidance for making decisions in the financial markets today. It can be widely applied for solving economic problems with uncertainty and instability patterns. Forecasting high volatile fluctuations with instability behavioral patterns make complicated problems in stock markets around the(More)
The time series analysis and forecasting is an essential tool which can be widely applied for identifying the meaningful characteristics for making future ad-judgements; especially making decisions in finance under the numerous type of economic policies and reforms have been regarding as the one of the biggest challenge in the modern economy today. High(More)
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