D. M. Izmailov

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A large body of experimental data consisting of 116 samples (sets) of individual life span (LS) values of D. melanogaster from the same laboratory strain Canton-S was analyzed. In total, 10180 Drosophila flies (5100 females and 5080 males) were studied. Each of 58 pairs of samples belonged to a definite generation in a continuous succession where every next(More)
Radioprotective action of natural carotenoid Lycopene in mice during exposure to lethal dose of 6.5 Gy has been shown. Lycopene was found to be two-fold more effective radioprotector than beta-carotene at the same conditions. This correlates with the difference in their antioxidant activity. Lycopene also exhibits antimutagenic effect resulting in increased(More)
The lifespan ofD. melanogaster treated with melatonin in a concentration of 0.08% at the stage of development is studied. The geroprotective effect of melatonin is the most obvious (up to 12–18%) in comparison with controls with a short lifespan; if the controls' lifespan was relatively long, the hormone exerts negligible or toxic effect shortening the(More)
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