D M Hann

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Chronic violence is a growing problem in our society today as evidenced, among other factors, by the ever-increasing murder rate in many of our large urban centers in the United States. Emphasis has begun to be placed on chronic violence, causes that may contribute to it, and the impact of this violence on cities and the country at large. While concern has(More)
OBJECTIVE On the basis of revisions of DSM criteria, questions have been raised concerning the occurrence of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms among adults who have been diagnosed and treated for life-threatening illnesses. The present study examined the prevalence and correlates of PTSD symptoms among women who had undergone autologous bone(More)
Underlying the responses of 34 44-month-old children of adolescent mothers to five attachment narratives were two factors--departure and reunion. The departure factor included disorganized and insecure responses to parents' departure as well as disorganized responses to narratives about children's misbehavior and fear. Scores predicted children's(More)
Investigation of patterns of mother-child affect across three caregiving groups indicated that both adolescent and adult high-social-risk mothers showed less individual positive affect than did adult low-social-risk mothers. High-social-risk adolescent mothers also showed more individual negative affect and participated with their children in more(More)
Developmental psychopathology focuses on developmental aspects of pathology as well as individual patterns of adaptation and maladaptation. Adaptation involves the resolution of earlier issues, with successful resolution facilitating adaptation and earlier developmental failures increasing the likelihood of future problems. The study of developmental(More)
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