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BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY Triple valve surgery remains a challenge, although with an improved survival rate compared to historical data. Aws assessment was made as to whether the type of valve surgery, underlying valve lesion and pathology were independent predictors of outcome. The patient characteristics were also described according to the type of(More)
Right-to-left intracardiac shunt through a patent foramen ovale sometimes induces a significant arterial oxygen desaturation. We describe two cases of severe hypoxia due to a patent foramen ovale, treated successfully by transcatheter closure of the intracardiac shunt. One case occurred after implantation of a cardiac assist device, the other patient(More)
Twenty four neonates affected of osteoarticular infection, treated on the Neonatal Unit throughout a four and a half year period are analyzed. In the majority of instances they represent a complication in the course of neonatal sepsis. In more than half of them there was a previous umbilical vessel catheterization. "Staphilococcus aureus" was the most(More)
Context. The viscous decretion disk (VDD) model is able to explain most of the currently observable properties of the circumstellar disks of Be stars. However, more stringent tests, focusing on reproducing multitechnique observations of individual targets via physical modeling, are needed to study the predictions of the VDD model under specific(More)
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