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A method of recording a residual limb indentation stiffness map was developed for possible use as an aid in calculating prosthetic socket rectifications. The method was tested to determine the level of repeatability attainable. A hand-held, pencil-like device was used, with an air-driven piston that indented the tissue 10 times per second. The indentor tip(More)
The results of the Grice extra-articular subtalar arthrodesis were evaluated in 102 feet of 60 ambulatory patients with spasticity at an average of five years postoperatively. Results were satisfactory in 96 feet (94 per cent). Unsatisfactory results were attributed to recurrent deformity in four feet and over-correction in two. No other significant(More)
This report characterizes the performance of three digital filters, when applied to residual limb shape maps. The three filters were an averaging filter, a uniform window Fourier filter, and a Hamming window Fourier filter. The frequency responses of the three filters were calculated from theory, and experimentally observed. Experimental observations(More)
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