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A comprehensive study of an urban methadone clinic with supervised urine analyses for illicit drugs was conducted over an 18 month period for a 133 patient cohort as they entered or remained in methadone maintenance for narcotic addiction. Overall retention during the study was 85%, with significantly (p < .05) higher daily methadone doses (mean 67.1 mg +/-(More)
BACKGROUND Simulated minimal access surgery has improved recently as both a learning and assessment tool. The construct validation of a novel simulator, ProMis, is described for use by residents in training. METHODS ProMis is a surgical simulator that can design tasks in both virtual and actual reality. A pilot group of surgical residents ranging from(More)
We explore the use of patient outcome criteria in planning the locations of critical care health services. Two attributes of the regional distribution of health services which influence health outcomes are: (1) the geographical accessibility of services and (2) the number of patients served by each facility (the patient volume). A model incorporating both(More)
BACKGROUND Washington Heights-Inwood is a multiethnic community in northern Manhattan served by an academic medical center, the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. METHOD Two random, stratified household surveys were carried out in 1989-1990 and 1992. Results were compared with institutional utilization data to identify major changes in patterns of(More)
We present the results of a questionnaire sent in the autumn of 1981 to all board certified specialists practicing radiology, pathology and anesthesiology who are graduates of Indian medical schools and now reside in the United States. Respondents were asked to indicate their Indian state of birth, the size of the community in which they were born. The(More)
BACKGROUND Solid pseudopapillary tumours are rare primary lesions of the pancreas. They occur most commonly in young female patients. They are traditionally regarded as benign tumours with malignant potential. AIM We describe the incidental finding of this rare pancreatic lesion in a healthy 37-year-old female which was treated with splenic preserving(More)
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