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The interleukin-10 receptor 2 (IL-10R2, IL-10Rβ) is required for the signalling of the class 2 cytokines IL-10, IL-22, IL-26 and IFN-λ1-3 . Here, we describe the identification of the Pekin duck IL-10R2 (duIL-10R2) common chain and its gene structure. The duIL-10R2 cDNA encodes a 343 amino acid protein that has an amino acid identity of 76% and 42% with(More)
Binding of CD154, a member of the TNF ligand superfamily, to its receptor CD40 is essential for the development and regulation of adaptive immune responses in mammals. The duck CD154 (DuCD154) encoding gene was isolated from activated splenocytes using RT-PCR. Sequence analysis of the cloned DuCD154 gene revealed an open reading frame of 819 base pairs(More)
New drugs to treat hepatitis C are expected to be approved over the next few years which promise to cure nearly all patients. However, due to issues of expected drug resistance, suboptimal activity against diverse hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes and especially because of their extremely high cost, it is unlikely that these HCV drugs will substantially(More)
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