D. Lopez del Moral

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A regularized model of the double compactified D=11 superme-mbrane with nontrivial winding in terms of SU(N) valued maps is obtained. The condition of nontrivial winding is described in terms of a nontrivial line bundle introduced in the formulation of the com-pactified supermembrane. The multivalued geometrical objects of the model related to the(More)
The spectrum of the bosonic sector of the D = 11 Supermembrane with central charges is shown to be discrete with finite multiplicity, hence containing a mass gap. This result extends to the exact theory our previous proof of a similar result for the SU (N) regularized model. Based on these and other previous results, it is also argued that the same(More)
In minimal supergravity (mSugra), the neutrino sector is related to the slepton sector by means of the renormalization group equations. This opens a door to indirectly test the neutrino sector via measurements at the LHC. Concretely, for the simplest seesaw type-I, we present the correlations between seesaw parameters and ratio of stau lepton flavour(More)
Due date of deliverable This deliverable is new Actual submission date May, 2014 Dissemination level X PU Public PP Restricted to other program participants (including the Commission Services) RE Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services) CO Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission(More)
The action of the 11D supermembrane with nontrivial central charges compact-ified on a 7D toroidal manifold is obtained. It describes a supermembrane immersed in a 4d Minkowski space-time. The action is invariant under additional symmetries in comparison to the supermembrane on a Minkowski target space. The hamiltonian in the LCG is invariant under(More)
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