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The present study was aimed to evaluate the anticancer effect of Jasminum sambac against Daltons ascites lymphoma induced Swiss albino mice in in vitro and in vivo model. The tumor cell proliferation inhibitory activity of methanolic extract showed dose dependent in both HeLa and mouse fibroblast cells. At concentrations 25-400μg/ml, the percentage of cell(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was formulated with the objective to assess phytochemical constituents, antibacterial activity and anticancer activity of Alpinia purpurata. METHODS The leaves of A. purpurata were washed thoroughly by tap water, shade dried and powdered. The plant powder was extracted with successive solvent system. Phytochemical constituents were(More)
The free radical scavenging activities of n-hexane extract of the whole plant of Emilia sonchifolia was evaluated by employing various in vitro assay systems like DPPH radical scavenging activity, superoxide radical scavenging activity and hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity with IC50 values 180, 160 and 160 μg/ml respectively. The results of the study(More)
Plants and plant-based products are the bases of many modern pharmaceuticals that are current in use today for various diseases. The aim of the study was to investigate the biochemical constituents and high performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) finger printing of the ethanolic extract of Evolvulus alsinoides. Phytochemical screening was done by(More)
A cognitive radio(CR) is one of the most used transceiver which automatically finds out the wanted channels in wireless scale and periodically changes its transmission or reception parameters Here in this module, it sets out an algorithm for the energy-efficient and continuum aware. For the transport network material sin CR network. It enables each node to(More)
When we consider a spectrum sharing networks it have primary user and secondary user. Spectrum share by the first user is called primary user. Primary user used the allocated spectrum without affected any interference. But in the case of secondary user used the primary user spectrum it has much interference occur, also need more emitted power. xG networks(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the protective effect of ethanol extract of Mollugo nudicaulis (M. nudicaulis) against perchloroethylene-induced hepatotoxicity. METHODS The hepatoprotective activity of the ethanol extract of M. nudicaulis (200 mg/kg body wt) was studied in percholoroethylene (1 000 mg/kg body wt) induced hepatotoxicity in Wistar albino rats. The(More)
BACKGROUND Euphorbia hirta (L.) (Euphorbiaceae) is a very popular herb amongst practitioners of traditional medicine and used in the treatment of female disorders, respiratory ailments, tumors, jaundice, digestive problems, wounds, etc. We aimed to evaluate the protective effect of E. hirta against nitrobenzene-induced nephrotoxicity in albino rats. (More)
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is widely used in the field of digital signal processing (DSP) such as filtering spectral analysis, etc, to compute discrete fourier transform. The appearance of radix-2 which had been a milestone in the design of pipelined FFT hardware architectures was later extended to radix-2.This project presents a new approach to develop(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the efficacy of n-hexane extract of Emilia sonchifolia (E. sonchifobia) against ethanol induced pancreatic dysfunction in the young Wistar albino rats. METHODS The rats were divided into four groups. Control rats in group received distilled water orally, group received oral administration of 20% (w/v) ethanol dissolved in drinking(More)