D. Lewin

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R in sample Vol. xx, No xx (xxxx) 1–180 c xxxx xxxxxxxxx DOI: xxxxxx Abstract Pseudorandomness is the theory of efficiently generating objects that " look random " despite being constructed using little or no randomness. This survey of the subject places particular emphasis on the intimate connections that have been discovered between a variety of(More)
The authors have previously described a method of objectively assessing the height of the presentation, an ultrasonic echograph measuring the distance from the head to the sacral tip. They have now obtained 453 measurements made before and during labor; norms are given according to the clinical evaluation of the station. The usefulness of the method is(More)
We have collected together the Bishop scoring factors in 100 inductions of labour at term. The length of labour does not seem to be related to the height of the presenting part at induction. On the other hand, the consistence and degree of dilatation of the cervix do have each a prognostic value which is comparable to that of the total Bishop score.(More)
We have studied 75 cases of uterine echography, obtained 24 hours after an induced abortion. In 2 out of 3 cases, the uterus was not empty and, in a majority of cases, a pseudo-organized image was observed. The images displayed were a central trans-sonic zone, limited by a line of echoes and containing some echoes which are less or more organized. A few(More)