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Mapping neuro-physiological functions to high resolution MRI is an effective means to evaluate localization reconstructions and to exhibit the spatio-temporal aspects of dynamic functional processes. The registration step needed between MEG/EEG and MRI is a source of error which, for the worst cases may be greater than errors related to the localization(More)
The knowledge of patient neuro-anatomy is key information, at least in the understanding of the pathological processes and in the elaboration of precise treatment strategies in neurosurgery. In addition to classical radiology systems like angiography, CT scanner or MRI have greatly contributed to the improvement of the patient anatomy investigation. Each(More)
Objective: The primary objective of this study is to perform a blinded evaluation of a group of retrospective image registration techniques using as a gold standard a prospective, marker-based registration method. In order to ensure blindedness, all retrospective registrations were performed by participants who had no knowledge of the gold-standard results(More)
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