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Introduction The popular-music industry has in the last fifty years grown to become an important global industry and a major area of economic activityöone that operates on a variety of intersecting geographical scales. The music industry is, most often, a highly localised cultural-product industry that draws on local creative milieux and cultural forms, and(More)
Traditional obstacles to the development of on-line software for library/information center functions are overcome in the design and implementation of SCORPIO, an on-line information retrieval system developed at the Library of Congress, through the use of an "elastic" data base architecture, the phased development of reusable/disposable software, and the(More)
Chordoma is a tumour of notochordal origin which usually involves the sacrum or skull base presenting in adulthood. Chordoma in a mobile spinal segment is infrequent and the authors report an extremely rare presentation of L3 chordoma in a child aged 7 years. Although a benign tumour, mobile segment chordoma is more locally aggressive, more likely to(More)
There are numerous reports of anatomical variants of the muscles of the forearm, particularly the extensors of the wrist and hand. The abnormal deep and short radial wrist flexor (flexor carpi radialis) is rare. There are only two previously reported cases. We present the case of an anomalous 'flexor carpi radialis brevis', muscle found intra-operatively(More)
  • Hans Olav Bråtå, Svein Erik Hagen, +4 authors Petteri Repo
  • 2009
• Categorisation of different users and types of innovations in the sports equipment industry • Presentation of different firms' experience with user involvement in innovation practice • Examples of user involvement in innovation processes in the sports equipment and outdoor industries Abstract: The main objective of this project is to contribute to our(More)
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